City of Mandurah bans dogs from 2017 Community Christmas Pageant

The City of Mandurah has warned those preparing to hit the streets for the annual Community Christmas Pageant to leave their pooches at home. 

Under local laws dogs are prohibited from attending major City of Mandurah events.

This message was echoed in the City of Mandurah’s promotion for the event.

In a press release issued on November 29, the City of Mandurah urged people to “please leave pets safely at home”. 

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The Community Christmas Pageant draws a crowd of about 25,000 people each year.

Acting chief executive officer Tony Free said the city aimed to make its community festivals and events safe and enjoyable for everyone attending. 

“As such, for many years the City has encouraged people to leave their dogs at home during events such as the Christmas Pageant, New Year’s Eve, Mandurah Crab Fest and Mandurah Children’s Festival,” he said.

“This is due to the big numbers of people who come to enjoy the event, and the range of activities and displays such as fireworks, which may frighten dogs if they attend.

“This local law applies to any animal including dogs.

This local law applies to any animal including dogs.

Acting chief executive officer Tony Free

“Rangers take an ‘education before enforcement’ approach, and will be educating the community about these requirements.”

The City’s local law prohibiting dogs at major events came into effect in May 2017.

The ban applies to the main footprint of the Community Christmas Pageant, which travels along a stretch of the Eastern Foreshore.

In the past local dog rescue group K9 had participated in the parade. 

The City of Mandurah confirmed the law wouldn’t apply to dogs and animals in the parade itself, just those attending along the foreshore. 

K9 president Carol Carter said she wasn’t aware of the new law and that the group weren’t planning on participating this year. 

Ms Carter said taking away public awareness opportunities at City of Mandurah events could be detrimental to the group’s cause. 

“K9 always promote public awareness for the well being of dogs” she said. 

“In the past we’ve been asked to attend events run by City of Mandurah to heighten awareness.”

Over the years, other animals such as camels have also been involved in the parade.