Your say: Letters to the editor – November 30

Karyn Ellis took this week's pic. Email your best shots to for a chance to be featured on our opinion page.
Karyn Ellis took this week's pic. Email your best shots to for a chance to be featured on our opinion page.

Bipartisan approach on Peel Health Campus

Having just spent two weeks in Peel Health Campus I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful care and attention given to me from the time I arrived by ambulance until the time I was discharged.

The team in emergency, medical, nursing staff, and ancillary staff were second to none.

I saw how busy it was through the night and in emergency the staff never seemed to stop.

I have read recent articles on the status of PHC and can only re-iterate that it needs urgent upgrades.

When you consider the number of people living in Mandurah at the time it was built compared to the number of people now living in Mandurah and beyond I would urge both politicians from both parties to get together and resolve this very urgent problem.

Let us all lobby both parties until we get results.

Susan Parker, Falcon

Hastie on target

How dare P. Bradshaw label Andrew Hastie’s well reasoned argument against same-sex marriage a “rant” and accuse him of being out of touch.

I listened to Mr Hastie’s comments some time ago and they were the best I’ve heard on the subject.

This young man has served his country as a soldier, is a Christian and a family man, and we need more of his calibre to sit in parliament to represent us.

Of course he doesn’t really believe all marriages are perfect. Marriage has to be worked at like everything else, but marriage between a man and a woman with the qualities that complement each other are the best we can expect in this increasingly godless world.

Patricia Halligan, Mandurah

Well done on march

Once again, full credit to Allambee Counselling and Pat Thomas Community House for their joint arrangement of The Silent March on November 24 to remember those who have been killed because of domestic violence, and those still living and struggling with its effects, and to raise awareness of domestic violence in the community. 

Very well organised.

Gina Tetlow, Mandurah

I do agree

The “Stop Right Now” letter says it all.

I travelled that short stretch of road yesterday and made the same observation.

I remember when the original plans were advertised they showed a designated west bound traffic lane which went up a ramp and over the east bound traffic directly into the multi story car park (similar to the one on Albany Highway at Carousel). No need for traffic lights.

What happened to that idea. Too late now.

Let's hope someone has the intelligence to synchronise the lights so there is not a back up at the main intersection.

I won’t be holding my breath.

A. Butler, Pinjarra

Fisheries future

For the long term future of Mandurah’s main attraction, the blue manna crab, Zak Kirkup is doing the right thing in trying to get a suitable buy out plan for those professional crabbers who work the estuaries and want it.

I have to be honest and say the crabbing was getting harder than when we moved here in the 1990s.

Yes, my dinghy has now gone, but I muss the early morning banter and rubbishing with the pros.

We hold the future of our crabbing in our hands and even as we grow, it’s still a main attraction.

Charlie Gibson, Falcon


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