Local joins Peel Silent Domestic Violence Memorial March to honour victims

A long-standing staff member of a local domestic and family violence crisis service said she would be marching in the Peel Silent Domestic Violence Memorial March to remember those killed by abusive partners. 

Pat Thomas House’s Annie Thomas said while the march would be an deeply emotional occasion for all participants, it played an important role in drawing attention to the on-going crisis.

“I’m marching in remembrance of the people who have died from domestic violence,” she said.

“So that the public become more away of domestic violence.”

The 7th annual march will take place on November 24, with families, friends and community members expected to gather in memory of those who have lost their lives as a result of domestic homicide and to call for prevention, protection and support for all those who survive and grieve the experience of domestic violence.

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Ms Thomas said while there had be greater education and public spotlight on domestic violence, some people in the community were still oblivious to the issue.   

“It’s spoken about a lot more, so it’s not behind closed doors as much as it used to be,” she said. 

She expressed concern about the lack of resources and focus placed on supporting refuges. 

Ms Thomas said domestic violence was a crime and needed to be addressed with adequate resources. 

She urged community members wanting to pay respect of those affected by the serious issue to participate in the march.

The march is coordinated through support services Allambee Counselling and Pat Thomas House. 

The gathering will start at Mewburn Gardens on Sholl Street, Mandurah.

Keynote speakers will start the address at 10am followed by a Silent March along Mandurah Terrace to the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre for light refreshments.

Music will be provided by students from Halls Head College.