Childcare co-working comes to YMCA’s Falcon Centre

A start-up business aiming to provide workspaces inside fully licensed childcare centres has come to Falcon, offering a chance for parents to rent a desk close to where their children are being minded.

BubDesk has launched a co-working space at YMCA’s Falcon Centre, offering a modern workspace near the children’s rooms, which can accommodate six working parents.

The facility provides WiFi, printing, coffee and parking along with the opportunity to feed and visit babies throughout the day.

Parents enrol their children as usual and pay a daily fee to make use of the office space and facilities. 

The facility was toured by Dawesville MP Zak Kirkup, who welcomed the initiative as a first of its kind in Mandurah.

He said Bubdesk would allow more work flexibility for local parents.

BubDesk founder Meg Burrage said the idea came about out of sheer desperation.

“Not wanting to give up my career and not wanting to be separated from my baby, there simply had to be an easier way,” she said.

The space is open to men and women, and both freelancers and corporate professionals.

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