ALDI expands liquor offerings to Lakelands

As of today, ALDI shoppers will be able to buy alcohol from their local Lakelands store. 

As well as Lakelands the retailer has expanded liquor offerings to four more Western Australian stores, including Cannington, Morley and Banksia Grove. 

Lakelands, Cannington and Morley stores will stock alcohol from November 15, while Banskia Grove shoppers will have to wait until December 6. 

The alcoholic products on offer will be confined to a designated area, which is separate from everyday grocery lines.

ALDI does not carry any chilled alcohol products for immediate consumption. 

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Shoppers will have the option of a wide range of alcoholic products, including 63 wines, 12 beers, five ciders, eight spirits and five ready to drinks. 

A spokesperson for ALDI Australia said the company was currently reviewing future liquor opportunities for their store network.

He said the company would keep the community updated with their progress.

“An application to sell liquor has been lodged for our Mandurah store and we are awaiting a final decision to be made,” the spokesperson said. 

ALDI Lakelands opened in June this year and is located at the Lakelands Shopping Centre on Mandurah Road.

ALDI Halls Head opened in June 2016 and ALDI Mandurah in July 2016.

“Like ALDI’s grocery offer, our liquor range is tight and focused, ensuring that we offer great value and exceptional quality,” the spokesperson said.

“ALDI assesses each liquor licence location independently, taking into consideration the commercial and social implications.”

ALDI first introduced its liquor offering to Western Australia on August 30, at stores in South Lake, Butler, Harrisdale, Joondalup and Wattle Grove.

ALDI Australia’s wine and sparkling buyer Jason Bowyer said customers had previously responded positively to the range on offer.

“Like our grocery offer, ALDI’s liquor range is focused, ensuring that we offer great value and exceptional quality,” Mr Bowyer said. 

“Since establishing in WA more than a year ago, customers have spoken loudly about their desire for us to bring our popular liquor offering to the West.”

“ALDI partners with a number of high calibre international and Australian wine suppliers, who each share our passion for quality. We have built strong relationships with these suppliers, who are committed to ensuring that our wine products offer great value at their respective price points.”

Among ALDI’s Liquor suppliers are well-known Western Australian wineries, who have supplied products to ALDI under its exclusive brands for many years.

“ALDI works hard to ensure that our exclusive branded products offer the best value and quality in the market,” Mr Bowyer said.

“All products are carefully selected and made to very specific specifications.

“For example, a $10 bottle of wine is benchmarked to drink like a $20-25 bottle of wine elsewhere and we are consistently aiming to deliver on this formula.”

ALDI began to offer liquor in their Victorian stores in 2003 and since this date, its liquor offering has become a familiar and convenient part of a standard household shop in most stores across New South Wales, Victoria and the Australia Capital Territory.