Lakeland Music Technology students hold Halls Head Primary School concert

Talented youths from Lakeland Senior High School held a concert at Halls Head Primary School on Tuesday, to give students a taste tester of their specialist music technology program. 

Halls Head students who showed interest and talent in the musical field were invited to undertake workshops with some of the high school students.

The Lakeland Music Technology students were quizzed on what they did in the program and what they liked about it. 

Head of program Ray Foo and low school music teacher Tom Haste said the concert at Halls Head was one of many on the student’s calendar of events. 

Mr Foo started the program about 11 years ago. 

From song writing workshops with Eskimo Joe to meeting X Factor Australia contestant Dami Mi students in the program have been exposed to unique musical experiences. 

“We’ve been doing this for quite a few years now, doing tours around the Mandurah region at the end of the year,” Mr Haste said. 

He said at the moment the school was taking enrolment for next year. 

Mr Haste said through workshops and talking to the high school students, each child could begin to get an idea of what the program was like and if they would like to join it.

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He said the school focused on the students who have already displayed some sort of musical talent. 

“There’s an audition process for the specialist music program,” he said. 

“We try and get the best of the best from the wider area around our school. 

“We do… make sure they can play reasonably well before they come in. 

“Even just having the right sort of attitude is a great way to get in. Just that willingness to learn.”

According to Mr Haste the school has around 800 students. However the music program is only a small potion of that total. 

“We only take 15 per year, into each year level,” he said. 

“At the moment I think year sevens are up to 12 spots, so there’s still some space available to anybody who wants to apply.

“We don’t have a huge amount of kids but they’re very high quality musicians.”