Ocean Road Primary School students dress in red for Rembrance Day

Ocean Road Primary School held a special Rembrance Day fundraiser on November 10.

Students donned red clothing and accessories for the theme of the day, which was “Dress as a Poppy”.

Students and staff were invited to join in. 

All funds raised at the event will go towards Veterans 360 – a charity supporting homeless veterans.

Support teacher Leah Lawler is taking part in to raise awareness about the lack of mental health monitoring for war veterans after they are discharged.

Ms Lawleys father was a Vietnam veteran, who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder.

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In 1991, at just 19-years-old Ms Lawley joined the military.

She served until 2002, when she transferred to the Royal Australian Air Force until discharge in 2006.

In 1999 she corps transferred to Military Police so she could pursue her first job choice as a Military Working Dog Handler.

Ms Lawley is committed to raising awareness about the lack of support services for Australian war veterans through campaigning, challenges and sponsored races.

“Something needs to be done for our veterans, because it’s unacceptable that they serve our country and are left alone afterwards,” Ms Lawley said. 

“Many veterans suffered from mental health issues and ended up on suicide risk or homeless.

“It’s unacceptable, it shouldn’t be happening.”

She said getting the school involved was a good way to raise awareness in the community from early on.

Ms Lawley hopes the fundraiser helps raise awareness and funds for veterans in need.

For more information of Veterans 360 visit their website