Dawesville cat in a flap - firies rescue trapped feline

A cat has been saved after it was wedged between two walls at a home in Dawesville. 

Four members of the Falcon Fire and Rescue Service and a City of Mandurah ranger took half an hour to pull the cat out of its awkward position on Thursday afternoon. 

Home owners Rebecca and Peter Phelps and neighbour Sharna Rose said they were relieved the cat was retrieved. 

Ms Phelps said overnight she had heard a cat, however thought nothing of it.

When she returned home from work about 2:15pm on Thursday she heard the cat meowing and immediately called the ranger. 

While trying to get the cat out Falcon brigade captain Dave Muhleisen was bitten on the finger. 

Ms Phelps thanked Mr Muhleisen and Jesse Blunt, Shaye Kirk, Rick Tyres from Falcon Fire and Rescue Service for their assistance. 

The cat was micro chipped, however the owner hadn’t registered it after purchasing it from Pet City.  

The cat will be placed in the pound and the owner – when found –  will be informed.