Todd Sampson delivers keynote address at Future Proof 17

Television personality Todd Sampson told a Mandurah crowd just about anything could be achieved through dedicated brain training. 

Mr Sampson presented the keynote address at the Peel of Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Future Proof 17 conference.

He is known for his appearances on ABC TV’s show about advertising Gruen Planet and is a co-host of Channel 10’s The Project.

His presentation at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on Thursday discussed mental attributes that contributed to business success. 

Mr Sampson said there was a few simple steps people could use to boast productivity and combat procrastination. 

“We can achieve just about anything,” he said. 

“If you can control your mind you can control your life.”

He stressed the importance of four key characteristics that contribute to a fully-functioning mind including: diet, sleep, exercise and dedicated brain training. 

Mr Sampson said cutting back on sugar, getting adequate sleep, undertaking 20 minutes of brisk walking, and utilising brain training techniques were important to building “brain power”.  

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He said when it came to business, employers should place more importance on how much sleep their employees had the previous night rather than how long they stayed at the office. 

Mr Sampson spoke about various filming experiences and experiments he had undertaken over the years. 

From jumping in a pool chained up to walking across rooftops on a tightrope, Mr Sampson shared his encounters of pushing the brain to its limit. 

His presentation included several interacting opportunities to engage onlookers in the auditorium. 

The themes and values Mr Sampson used throughout his presentation were designed to challenge the notion of conventional thinking in the business world. 

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