Wise Old Owl: A social space for crafters

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Rachel-ann and her mother Frances were originally hobbyist crafters, creating and attending markets all over the outskirts of Melbourne,

When they relocated to Mandurah in November 2015 they started Wise Old Owl from their family home, offering a social gathering place for like-minded crafters on a fortnightly basis.

And one day, the home was just too small, so they decided to open a shop and celebrated the opening on August 1, 2017.

At the family-owned business Rachel-ann and Frances teach, sell and create craft items.

Their primary focus is teaching, making craft easily accessible and affordable for all.

“We have a range of instructors covering a myriad of mediums, from scrapbooking, card making, mixed media art and decorator pieces, papercraft construction, polymer clay, sculpture, jewellery making and home decor pieces, chain maille, knitting and crochet,” said Rachel-ann.

There are heaps of opportunities for the local crafting community to be involved for free or as little as $5.

“We are crafters and can effectively use every product we sell,” said Rachel-ann, “We test run a lot of the glues, tapes and products ourselves so that we can fully endorse them.”

“We are also not afraid to share that information with those who need help, guidance or inspiration, nothing is kept secret, not even our recipe for homemade Gesso that will stop you buying the branded version off the shelf.”

Rachel-ann is a polymer clay sculptist, who has been working with polymer clay for many years and has previously turned her hand to quilling, cross-stitch embroidery, earthen clay, cake decorating, card making and is now adding mixed media to her tick off list.

Frances has a lifetime of mixed media and paper construction knowledge built up, which includes jewellery making.

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She now concentrates on papercraft construction, making expanding boxes, storage vessels and more.

On Wednesday's Wise Old Owl runs a Craft, Coffee and Chat - A free social crafting day.

Bring along your own project, your lunch, a few coins for the coffee tin (if you want one) and come down and craft the day away.

The crafting day is a great option if you need space to craft, like company, need guidance, inspiration or ideas.

Wise Old Owl also hosts weekly workshops for around $20.

  • Polymer Clay - Tuesday at 10am
  • Scrapbooking or papercraft - Thursday 10am
  • Art Journaling - Thursday 6.30pm
  • Polymer clay - Thursday 6.30pm (same class as Tuesday morning)

“We also have specialised artisans coming in regularly with their own range of workshops,” said Rachel-ann.

“I started Wise Old owl so that craft-minded people have a place to go, somewhere that gets them out of the house and engaging in life, doing something, meeting people, a reason to be proud of themselves and to feel a sense of accomplishment,”

“We are here to help people on their creative journey, even if that journey is to simply pop a toe in the water of creativeness.”

Wise Old Owl is located at unit 1, 6 Husband Road, Barragup.

Wise Old Owl also offers pre-orders on a wide range of items - Watch their Facebook page for announcements.

Call 0419 309 969, email admin@woocraft.com.au or go to www.woocraft.com.au