WAMFest's stellar line-up boasts Good Doogs, Indigo and Apple Jack and Moonshine

WAMFest is just around the corner and the event boasts a stellar line-up of local acts. 

One of the headline acts this year will be Good Doogs, a Mandurah band that has taken the national airways by storm after uploading tracks to Triple-J Unearthed

The three-piece band will join Indigo and Apple Jack and Moonshine on stage at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on October 29. 

The band comprises of three members Asher Iriks on guitar and vocal, Dylan Brown on bass and vocals, and Michael Grainger on drums. 

Good Doogs started from humble beings, as a couple of mates keen to pay tribute to one of their favourite bands. 

Grainger said the collaboration just made sense. 

“We came together in about April this year, pretty much over a love for the band Wavves,” he said. 

“Dyl is one of my best friends and we meet Asher at a few gigs.

“We decided we’d have a jam and ended up hitting it off and realised that we should make a band. So we just went from there. 

“I never really actually learned to play an instrument. I started playing the drums about nine years ago but I taught myself. I’ve never been a musician really. This is the first band I’ve ever been in. It’s all a bit of a learning process at the moment. 

“Asher has been in a lot of bands, he's been a musician his whole life. He’s gone to Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts school.

“But Dyl is in the same boat as me. He’s only been playing guitar for a couple of years.

“He  just had a love of music and wanted to push himself into it. He’s pretty much forced himself to be musical.”

Grainger said the band was “stoked” to be invited to play at WAMFEST.

“We were pretty shocked to tell you the truth,” he said.

“WAMFest just emailed us out of no where and said do you want to play the WAMFest showcases.

“I think we play at three different shows over the next two weekends.

“It’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride. We just started the band to have fun and then our first single got picked up on Triple-J Unearthed. It kind of got legs from there.”

He said the showcases would be a good opportunity for the band to build its profile. 

“It’s good because we’ve only played half a dozen since we’ve started and five of them were sold out,” he said.

“We’ve played two Mandurah shows now and it gets pretty packed out. It is exciting. Me and Dyl have both lived in Mandurah our whole lives. Everyone is really exciting and really frothing that we’re going as well as we are. 

“You can really feel the energy of all your friends in the crowd.

“It’s a different thing playing to familiar faces. This weekend will be one of the first times that we can play to out families because our mums and dads don’t want to come to pubs and clubs to watch us.”

The band’s next gigs include playing at the University of Western Australia end of semester party and supporting fellow Triple-J Unearthed acts Ruby Fields and Good Boy. 

For more information on the Good Doogs visit their Facebook page or Instagram page or visit the WAMFest website