Pinjarra's Homestead for Youth chases dream to build animal rehab centre

The saying goes that it takes a village to raise a child.

However, for Pinjarra-based not-for-profit Homestead for Youth, it was all about having a farm to raise the next generation of healthy teenagers.

The teen support organisation had set their eyes on a Meelon property last year, where they were hoping to establish a refuge for troubled teenagers and their families.

After several months of extensive fundraising to pay for the property’s $200,000 bond, Homestead can finally call the Meelon farm home. 

The organisation recently signed the contract that will allow them to bring more teens at risk to stay at the refuge and hold more hands-on therapy courses. 

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However, the fight is far from over.

The organisation now hopes to establish a rehabilitation and recovery hub for injured and rescued animals at the farm, so teenagers can learn about how to care for the animals while getting the emotional support they need to turn their lives around.

“Our dream is to develop a Rehabilitation and Recovery Hub where our youth can connect with injured or rescued animals and in doing so both animal and youth heal and learn together,” a Homestead spokesperson said said.

“The farm is 15 minutes out of Pinjarra, WA on 148 acres where animals and young people get a second chance.”

In a bid to pursue their dream to establish the rehab centre, the organistion has joined the Dreams for a Better World competition.

The competition puts community grants for programs up for grabs, to assist Australian organistions in making their dreams come true. 

Participants in the competition can earn up to $50,000 in grants, but need the support of their community to continue in the competition. 

Homestead for Youth recently made it to the first stage of the competition, however, founder Carla Fadelli encouraged residents to get behind the project by voting online. 

“We need votes to get to the next stage and if we win we could take away 50K,” she said.

“We would use that money to pay for the facilities for the animals.”

To vote for Homestead for Youth’s animal rehabilitation program go to the Dreams for a Better World website. Voting closes on October 30. 

For more information about Homestead for Youth, go to their Facebook page