Murray Shire council elections 2017 results, the new councillors

With vote counting concluded at the Shire of Murray, candidate Doug McLarty has secured a spot in council, topping the list with 2535 votes.

Candidate Brad Caralini has also been elected with 2074 votes, followed by Geoff Black, who has received 1870 votes.

Serving Shire president Maree Reid is fourth on the list, securing a spot in council with 1806 votes.

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Former Shire councillor Brenda Beacham has secured the last available position in council with 1765 votes.

This year’s election has also seen serving councillors Chris Thompson and Trish Briggs miss out on re-election, with 1474 and 1464 votes respectively.

Candidates Don MacLure and Steve Veevers received 1329 and 1316 votes respectively, also missing out on a spot.

As part of this year’s council election, Shire of Murray residents also voted on the Pinjarra heavy vehicle haulage deviation referendum.

The proposed bypass would provide an alternative route for heavy vehicles travelling through Pinjarra in a bid to reduce congestion and improve safety on the primary access to the town.

The next Shire president will be voted in by council at the first council meeting following the election.