Mandurah locals face hefty fine for playing with remote control cars on public land

Under new council regulations, Mandurah residents could be facing fines up to $5000 for playing with remote controlled ships, planes and cars in public parks and reserves.

The new determinations, which fall under the Local Government Property and Public Spaces Law approved on May 9, would require residents to apply for a permit before doing certain activities on public spaces.

In addition to having to apply for a permit to play with remote controlled crafts, residents will also be required to get council approval before taking any animal other than a dog to public spaces.

Playing golf, shooting arrows and projectiles and carrying guns or rifles that could cause injuries will also require council permission.

Residents who breach the regulations could face up to $5000 in fines and a penalty of $500 a day if the offence continues. 

The new rules apply to all public reserves, parks, squares and the foreshore area among others, unless stated otherwise in a sign. 

However, the new rules fell short of regulating flying drones over public property. 

City of Mandurah councillors voted unanimously in favour of the new regulations at the council meeting on October 10, arguing that the restrictions would help protect people in public spaces.

According to the City of Mandurah, the Local Government Property and Public Spaces Law also facilitates the enforcement of local regulations by officers and reduces administrative processes. 

“The proposed local law will result in more efficient, less administrative processes and will also provide greater enforcement tools to officers,” a report by the City of Mandurah from May 9 read.

A new report regulating the use of drones in City of Mandurah property will be brought to council for consideration in the future.