City of Mandurah urges residents to make their 2017 council election vote count

With only one week to go until voting closes for this year’s council election, the City of Mandurah is urging residents to make their vote count.

Residents have time until 6pm on Saturday, October 21, to cast their vote and have a say about the city’s next elected members.

They can vote for their preferred ward candidate and their preferred mayoral candidate. 

How to vote: 

There are currently three ways to vote in the October council election. 

  • By post: votes must be mailed by Wednesday next week to ensure they are received.
  • Hand delivery: drop your ballot off at the City’s Administration Building before 4.15pm on Friday next week.
  • On election day: voters can drop off their completed voting package at the Mandurah Seniors and Community Centre on Ormsby Terrace until 6pm on October 21.

People who are yet to receive their voting package or who have misplaced it, are asked to contact the City of Mandurah to have a package reissued.

Packages can also be reissued on election day at the Mandurah Seniors and Community Centre.

Residents entitled to vote are: 

  • Those who are enrolled on a state or Commonwealth electoral roll.
  • A resident of a rateable property or land within the City of Mandurah.
  • A non-resident owner or occupier of rateable property or land within the City of Mandurah.
  • Nominees for companies which own or occupy rateable property within the electorate. The company may nominate up to two people to vote on its behalf. 

For more information go to the City’s website or call 9550 3777.