Mandurah City goes smart with new Internet of Things network

A new wireless network system installed in the City of Mandurah will be capable of enabling everyday objects to send and receive data over the internet across the city. 

The network is the result of a partnership between the City and Internet of Things (IoT) company Thinxtra.

The arrangement will see Thinxtra installing network aerials on City buildings to provide the Mandurah area with an IoT network in return for service credits. 

The IoT is a network of sensors embedded into everyday physical objects enabling them to safely send and receive data over the internet.

The IoT network and technology is a backbone to smart city innovation and will provide opportunities for business and the City to utilise the network for systems such as health sensors and monitors, pedestrian counts, environmental monitoring, community safety and proximity alerts among others. 

The network, provided by wireless network company Sigfox, is a low powered, low bandwidth, low cost network. 

City of Mandurah chief Mark Newman said the IoT arrangement was one of the ways the City focused on achieving economic, social and environmental benefits through digital partnerships.

“The City recognises that digital technology offers opportunities for our community to thrive,” he said.

“It is important that the City plays its part to help put Mandurah at the forefront of communications technology and give locals a competitive edge in a range of different applications.

“The Internet of Things arrangement is a way of utilising unused space on our buildings and at other locations for broad-ranging benefits for our community.”

The City is going to run a trial project by installing water meter data loggers to detect and monitor water usage and quality in council operated facilities and the Cox Bay Lake.

These sensors will allow the City to measure water consumption and water quality, instantly detect unusual water usage and leaks, and streamline the process of manually inspecting meters and reporting as officers will no longer have to go out and inspect meters.

Coverage was made available at the beginning of the month and, under the arrangement, there is no cost to the City.

This partnership  is part of the City’s eMandurah – Digital Strategy, a guide for the community designed to maximise the economic, social and community benefits of participation in the digital economy and working together across the region.