Mandurah's Rotary clubs bring local business owners together

More than 130 local business representatives took to Bendigo Bank Stadium on Wednesday night for the local Rotary clubs’ business networking event.

The event hoped to raise awareness about the three local Rotary clubs and their members, and the organistion’s efforts to work with local businesses to boost the local economy. 

City of Mandurah Rotary president Marg Pantall said the event was very successful, with many local businesses expressing their interest to work hand in hand with the organistion. 

“The event was a huge success, well-attended evening with a nice buzz as conversations developed and guests sought more information about Rotary,” she said.

“[We had] amazing outcomes.”

Rotary clubs are made up of individuals seeking to serve the local community by sharing their skills and experience. 

The clubs have a strong vocational focus, working with the business community to promote high ethical standards, youth employment opportunities and foreign experience for young business leaders.

There are currently three clubs operating in the Mandurah area, the Mandurah Rotary Club , the Mandurah District Rotary Club  and the Mandurah City Rotary Clubs.

For more information about the Mandurah Rotary Club call Pattie on 0400 552 802, for more information about the Mandurah District Rotary Club call Phil on 0416 082 426 and for more information about the Mandurah City Rotary Club call Tanya on 0438 953 738.