YOH Fest returns to Mandurah for their 20 anniversary celebrations

Students from across Western Australia will fill the Mandurah  Performing Arts Centre with exhibitions, performances and live entertainment in October to celebrate the 20th anniversary of YOH Fest.

The state grand finals of the popular arts competition will be held at MPAC this year, bringing talent from across the state to the city.

The grand final event will be held on October 27 and 28 from 6pm and will feature pre-show entertainment in the foyer, and art exhibition and solo, duo and group performances from the top eight schools from around the state.

Finalists from various regions have qualified in tough competition including Peel’s very own Serpentine Jarrahdale Grammar School, Mandurah Baptist College, Mandurah Catholic College and first time entrant, Austin Cove Baptist College who secured two finalists in the drama category.

YOH Fest was first established in Mandurah, in 1988 to equip local young people in making positive lifestyle choices, and build self confidence and leadership skills.

Since then, it has grown into a state-wide tour which has empowered tens of thousands of students across WA and the Northern Territory to share stories on the health issues most relevant to them, discover talent and passion, learn about leading a healthy lifestyle, and connect with their peers and broader community.

This year’s theme is “it starts with me”, which encourages young people to take a look at the power they have to address their own challenges through their actions, choices and proactive behaviours.

YOH Fest chief Rhys Williams, who has been involved with the festival for 15 years, said the initiative had grown to attract more than 200 entries and 2000 participants every year. 

“Not only has YOH Fest remained popular after two decades of evolving health education but it has also continued to grow year after year to become the largest health promotion festival in Western Australia, if not Australia,” he said. 

“This just reinforces to me that we need to keep thinking about how we can make education as engaging, exciting and relevant as possible for both students and teachers.”

He also encouraged community members to get behind the event by attending the performances of the local students. 

“On behalf of the YOH Fest team, I’d like to congratulate all the participants and wish good luck to the finalists,” he said. 

Fore more information about YOH Fest and to purchase tickets call the Box Office on 08 9550 3900 or go to www.manpac.com.au.