Mandurah foreshore comes alive with Yamato drummers performance

Mandurah’s foreshore precinct came to life on Tuesday morning as the energetic Yamato drummers got passers-by into the groove. 

The world-renowned percussion group decided to perform at the foreshore ahead of their show at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre (MPAC) on Tuesday night, which hopes to bring heart-thumping rhythms and explosive beats to the stage. 

Passers-by gathered around the group as they shared a sample of their unique high-energy performance. 

Yamato was founded in Japan’s Nara Prefecture in 1993 as a Taiko drum group, but they decided to bring new life to the traditional Japanese instrument by adding contemporary performance elements to their show.

Ever since, the troupe has traveled around the world, giving more than 2500 performances in 51 countries and regions.

Every year, Yamato tours the world for six to 10 months, creating and presenting original Yamato compositions on stage. 

Yamato drummer Gen Hidaka encouraged residents to come down to the show for the chance to experience the group’s energetic performance first-hand.

“We have done some shows in Australia already but in Mandurah it’s the first time that we do a performance here,” he said.

“So people might not know about Taiko or Yamato, but we really hope [they] can come to the theatre and feel the vibration and the energy of the drumming.

“Tonight it’s the only night we can perform in Mandurah so please make sure you come.”

Mr Hidaka said Yamato was much more than just a drumming performance, with players using their bodies to create a unique sound.

“It’s more like sports we consider,” he said,

“In fact after every show we lose about two kilograms because of sweating.

“Like boxers.”

The group will perform at MPAC at 7.30pm on Tuesday night. 

Fore more information and tickets to Yamato’s Chouensha – The Challengers go to or call the Box Office on 9550 3900.