Clown purge madness hits Mandurah again

The creepy clowns are back in town, and this time they are promising to be “bigger and better” than ever.

Following the release of the new IT movie last week, an alleged group of terrifying clowns have taken to social media groups to share their plans to terrorise Perth residents.

In a post to the Clown Purge Australia Facebook page, an alleged group of creepy clowns promised to deploy ten clowns to several locations across Perth, including Mandurah, Kwinana, Rockingham, Bull Creek, Cockburn and Aubin Grove.

“After the release of IT, we're coming back bigger and better,” the post read.

“On Saturday we will be sending out 10 clowns to all different areas in Perth.

“Keep watch, see you all soon.”

The group also shared their plans to hide balloons with clues on where to find the clowns in several locations and called on residents to find and follow the clues.

“There will be each note attached to it, a clue to where us clowns will be [sic],” they wrote. 

“Follow the clue to come say boo.”

Mandurah locals have already reported sightings of red balloons in town.

Resident Kevin Novelli took to Facebook on Tuesday to share a photo of an IT-inspired red balloon coming out of a drain in Mandurah Terrace.

“Watch out for clown in drain , Mandurah tce lol [sic],” Mr Novelli wrote in the post.

Creepy clowns wandering around trying to lure children into the woods were first reported in August last year in South Carolina, US.

The craze spread quickly across the United States and hit Australia in October last year.