Sinclair property damaged: Esperance Detectives call for information

Esperance Detectives have called on the community for information after vandals caused significant damage to a Sinclair property on Tuesday evening. 

Two houses, two sheds and a tractor were totalled at the Freeman Street property.

Vandals smashed windows and mirrors, left holes in the walls, knocked over furniture and pulled off house panels.  

Owner Bradley Thorp said he was “absolutely devastated” and estimated the damage bill to be between $50,000 to $70,000.  

Currently working away in Broome Mr Thorp said he was anxious to see the property when he returned to Esperance. 

“It’ll be a bit depressing. I’ll be back to square one,” he said. 

Detectives and police officers were on-site Tuesday morning conducting forensics on the property located near Esperance Senior High School. 

Mr Thorp purchased the property five months ago and during the last three months has worked extensively on upgrading the buildings on-site. 

Mr Thorp said he had spent a significant amount of resources on the property, particularly at the house on the back of the block. 

“My mate and I have been working flat out on it for the last two months,” he said. 

“I’ve spent a lot of time and money and it has all been wrecked in one night.” 

He said the house that sustained most of the damage would have been ready to move into within three to four weeks. 

The damage could have been worse as a tractor located in a shed attached to the house was lite on fire. 

Mr Thorp’s friend entered the property at 5:10pm on Tuesday, found the machine on fire and extinguished it. 

The tractor had belonged to Mr Thorp’s grandfather. 

The friend called others to the property shortly afterwards, including Mr Thorp’s father. 

A plug had been put in a bathtub in the other house and the water turned on. 

After inspecting the rest of the property, Mr Thorp’s father found the water on and turned the tap off before the house could be flooded.

Detective senior sergeant Darryl Noye said it was possible the vandals were on the property when Mr Thorp’s friend arrived just after 5pm. 

He said juveniles could be to blame for the damage.

Senior sergeant Noye and his team will conduct enquires throughout the day. 

When Mr Thorp received the call informing him about the damage he said he was devastated, having “poured his heart and soul” into the place. 

The property was formerly the Esperance Pink Lake drive in cinema. 

The drive-in opened in 1966 and closed in the eighties. 

The old projection room still stands and was significantly damaged during the incident. 

If you know anything about the damage or saw anyone in the area on Tuesday afternoon please contact senior sergeant Noye on 9079 8990 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

This story Sinclair property torn apart by vandals first appeared on The Esperance Express.