Flamenco Puro set to bring the passion to Mandurah

Mandurah Performing Arts Centre will again host an exciting, eclectic event for Hot Shore Shuffle on August 27, when Flamenco Puro stops by to show off the passion of Spanish dance.

The traditional music and dance of Andalucia, Spain, a large swathe of cultural influences have come together to create one of the most identifiable dance styles in the world.

Faridah Rabih is the head instructor at Casa del Compas School of Spanish Dance, which produces Flamenco Puro, and said while the production is relatively simple, the intensity of Flamenco is fonrt and centre.

“Basically, Flamenco is a singer, a dancer and a guitarist,” Ms Rabih said.

“It’s about conveying emotions, so anything from joy to frustration, sorrow, love – there’s lots of different styles that depict different moods. 

So in a general sense the thing that’s conveyed is emotion – through different songs, dances and styles.”

Flamenco performances often develop into energetic fervour, with an organic balance between each performer, Ms Rabih said.

“It’s based around the singing – not necessarily the lyrics, but the interpretation of it, because a lot of it is metaphorical.

“So you’ve got the dancer and guitar player following the singer, and when the singer finishes their verse, the dancer will then interpret the song through a particular style.

“That might include shouts, foot-stomping, whatever conveys that emotion.”

As well as Flamenco, a range of Spanish dance will be on show.

“The first half of the show will actually be a variety of different elements of Spanish dance,” Ms Rabih said.

“It’s difficult to translate into English, but you can think of it as a kind of neoclassical Spanish dance. It’s still traditional, but with a modern approach.”

Flamenco Puro perform at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre from 1pm on Sunday August 20. Free entry.