Norma Jeans lives on as Toucan gives way to more open, accessible night out

Long live Norma: Toucan Club will be reborn as the new Norma Jeans from September. Photo: supplied.
Long live Norma: Toucan Club will be reborn as the new Norma Jeans from September. Photo: supplied.

The transformation of Toucan is well under way, with plans for the new, reborn Norma Jeans to open on August 26.

Much like the newly-opened Rollercoaster, the new Norma Jeans will see a complete turnaround in the aesthetic and the style of the venue, and with Rollercoaster selling out now on a regular basis, there’s hope for the same pop to hit in September when the venue opens.

The dancefloor is currently being pulled up, with an aim of accessibility being at the centre of the refit.

“When we started, Players Bar was for the young kids, Toucan was for the older crowd, with more retro music and things everyone can get into,” Owner and manager Joe Coci said.

“But as happens that changed over time, and Toucan became pretty exclusively about electronic dance music, and having these big loud parties every night.

“What we’re looking to do is turn the clock back a bit and make the venue as open and accessible as possible.”

While that does mean harking back to a few Toucan stylistic ideals of the past, Mr Coci said the aim of both renovations was to look towards the future.

“I’ve been in this business a while, and the aim of all this has been to set up something that sustains itself and keeps people coming every weekend,” he said.

“We’re getting towards that with Rollercoaster now, and I want the same for Norma’s, but in a different way. There’s all these posters of people like Marilyn Munroe, and this retro decor that has this strong call-back to older venues.

“But that’s not all I want it to be.”

The eventual shape of the new Norma Jeans will be something akin to a supper club, but with a dancefloor, including a lounge area and various niche spaces.

“There’ll be music on for everyone, top 40 kind of stuff, but then that changes as well,” Mr Coci said.

“We want to bring in cabaret shows and comedy nights, and functions and basically whatever else we can fit into the venue.

“We want people to see this venue and, no matter their age, go, ‘That’s somewhere I’d like to go.’ That’s the aim.”

The full rollout of the new Norma Jeans is yet to be finalised, but the launch date is set for September 1; keep your eyes on The Mandurah Mail for updates.