Peel Language Development students get green in new garden

Mandurah Primary School and Peel Language Development School (PLDS) have been given an advantage in healthy eating, with local Bunnings employees helping out with the construction of a fruit and vegetable garden.

Fruit and vegetable seedlings, apple trees and other plants have been donated to get the project off the ground, as well as equipment to build and maintain the garden.

PLDS, which started in 2002, is aimed at providing nurturing and confidence-building lessons to K-3 students who have learning and speech difficulties.

The garden was designed to give these students, as well as other Mandurah Primary students, a much-needed break.

“As you can imagine, some of the work can be very intensive,” teacher Mellanie Stroud said.

“The garden first and foremost gives the kids a chance to get outside and away from all the study, and do something they’re genuinely excited about.”

There’s also the added benefit of getting students used to early eating at a young age.

“Because we run K-3, the things we teach are really important right form the start, because it’s all absorbed,” Ms Stroud said.

“With this, they’re involved in the planting, the looking after of the garden, everything, which means they have a real ownership of it.”