Ocean Road Primary School kids paint up a storm | VIDEO

Dawesville’s Ocean Road Primary School students painted up a storm when performance artist Phil Doncon visited to help the children experience school values in an inspiring way.

Mr Doncon taught the values of kindness, resilience and respect through his ‘Paint Storm’ performance.

The students loved the energetic painting performance to dynamic music and got to dance, paint and discuss the themes of the performance with the artist.

“His paintings are amazing,” Mackenzie Harrison from Room 24 said.

Classmate Ashley Clarke was just as fascinated and loved Mr Doncon’s paintings and performance “because he expressed his feeling”.

Arts teacher Qingqing Zhu, who arranged for Phil’s visit as part of Ocean Road Primary School’s community arts program said she was thrilled with the results.

“The fact that the kids can see a picture emerging and changing all the time really kept them engaged. It was amazing,” she said. 

The paintings will be shown in the school’s undercover area.