Mandurah’s fishermen association wins 2017 Seafood Industry Award

Mandurah’s fishermen shone bright at the 2017 Seafood Industry Awards in Fremantle on August 3. 

The Mandurah Licensed Fishermen’s Association (MLFA) took the Seafood Industry Promotion Award home, winning themselves a pass into the national awards in Sydney in September.

The group is made up of 11-locally owned and operated fisheries, and strives to promote sustainable fishing and good professional practices across the region.

MLFA member Damien Bell said the group had worked hard over the last few years to promote Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification within the sector and to educate consumers on sustainable and safe fishing practices.

“We’ve been awarded this up against the rest of the industry for being best over the last two years for promoting the West Australian seafood industry by promoting what good work we are doing,” he said.

“We are actually lifting the profile of all West Australian fisheries both recreational and commercial.”

Mr Bell said local fisheries were also working together to elevate the profile of the Mandurah mullet and put the region on the map.

He also said the group was trying to promote the consumption of fish caught by local fishermen among restaurants and consumers to secure the future of the local fishing industry. 

“It’s probably one of two places in Mandurah and probably only three or four places in WA where you can come straight off the street and go straight into a fisherman’s house basically and buy fish direct,” he said.

“That interaction with the consumer, people in Mandurah should feel very lucky that they’ve got it because it doesn’t really exist.”

The Peel region produce shines on show 

Mandurah’s Red Manna chef and business owner Jason Hutchen put the Peel region’s fresh produce on show during the Seafood Industry Awards night on August 3.

He was one of 12 chefs invited to cook on the night using different West Australian produce.

“We cooked the Mandurah sea mullet which was caught here by local fishermen and showcase the produce of Mandurah,” he said.

“We cooked a beer-bettered mullet – we actually used a local beer as well, Three Rivers, to make the batter.

“And then we used Manjimup chips as well.”

Mr Hutchen, who uses locally caught fish to prepare his award-winning meals, regularly works with the Mandurah Licensed Fishermen’s Association to elevate the profile of the region’s produce.