Mandurah's PeelConnect thanks region’s homelessness workers

Reg Lambert’s PeelConnect organisation has brought together more than 100 people who work with the homeless and those suffering drug and alcohol addiction to thank them on behalf of the community.

The event, which was supported by local businesses, was an opportunity to acknowledge the work of people in the region tackling damaging social problems.

On any given night there are dozens of people sleeping rough in Mandurah and hundreds without a home of their own.

And while the reasons for homelessness are complex, PeelConnect’s chairperson Doreen Jones said it was important to bring together workers in the area to thank them.

Ms Jones said the event “went off like a cork”.

All up, 25 government and non-profit agencies were represented at a dinner hosted at Oceanic Bar and Grill.

“Our driving force was to bring people together,” Ms Jones said.

“We had family and local businesses contribute a significant amount to support us.

“We hear so much news telling us that the world is not a good place, so it’s beautiful that there there were so many people there proving the world is actually a good place.”

Ms Jones said PeelConnect was working towards incorporating their organisation and raising enough money for a homeless shelter.

“We’re not just about addressing homelessness, but want to solve mental health and drugs issues together,” she said.

“We’re in there, we don’t have the money yet, but we’re going fund raise.

“If we can start creating one little house at a time, we’ll get there.”