Mandurah bystander captures Smart Street brawl on film | Video, Photos

Footage has emerged of a fight between several party-goers in the heart of Mandurah’s nightlife district, Smart Street mall, over the weekend.

The video, posted by a resident on Facebook, shows several young men attempting to hit each other and a another man trying to separate them.

After a few seconds, one of the men punches the young man trying to stop the fight and another bystander before running off.

The fight continues between two men before one of them runs away towards Sholl Street. 

The video also shows several bystanders observing the action, including a security guard. 

Mandurah police senior sergeant Rob Lewis said police received reports of a disturbance in Smart Street.

He said the response unit attended the incident but by the time police arrived the group had dispersed. 

He also said no reports with allegations of assault had been made.