Maggie Moo makes her way to Mandurah

A new, straight-from-the-UK ‘singing, dancing and playing’ session is giving babies and children a unique farm experience right in their backyard.

The Maggie Moo Music Sessions have been brought to Mandurah by local mother Claire Cooper, and the interactive events – aimed at children aged from zero to five years – give a unique experience and look into farm life, as well as other important learning elements.

Ms Cooper said she started up the sessions in Mandurah due to what she saw as a need for more entertainment for young children.

“There’s really not that much available in the Halls Head and Dawesville areas for parents with young children to get out and mix,” she said.

“There are a few but they’re usually based in care centres. But this is more musical-based, and that’s something I think was really missing from what’s available.”

What to expect from Maggie Moo

Ms Cooper, who has a background in musical performance, said connecting with kids using song and dance is one of the most effective learning resources available.

“It’s not really a show, it’s more of a session where everyone gets involved,” she said.

“I’ve got kids myself and I know how much they enjoy getting up and dancing and singing. And because they’re involved, they’re picking up skills and learning things too.”

While the show is based off the titular Maggie Moo – a colourful cow with a penchant for song – there’s much more than just farming taught through the sessions.

“There’s been 125 songs written for the sessions, so there’s no shortage of material,” Ms Cooper said.

“While it is farm-based, the curriculum covers much more than that.

“It’s about building communication skills and basically just socialising. I’m currently working out shows where siblings can take part together as well.”

Maggie Moo Music sessions run Mondays in Dawesville and Thursday in Meadow Springs.

For full details, go to the Maggie Moo Music web page.