Moorcroft pottery chairman Hugh Edwards to visit Waroona

Owning a Moorcroft vase is to ceramics collectors what owning a Ferrari is to motor enthusiasts: a sign of status and the catch of a lifetime.

In August, pottery and collectables enthusiasts from across the Mandurah-Peel region will have the opportunity to hear how Moorcroft’s unique pieces are made start to finish from the man who reinvented the century-old company 30 years ago: pottery chairman Hugh Edwards.

Mr Edwards will be travelling to Australia from Essex, in the United Kingdom, next month to meet with Australian Moorcroft retailers and fans, and to present the firm’s latest collection Icons of Australia

The collection, which has been labelled by Moorcroft as their finest Australian collection ever, features Australian-inspired landscapes with national icons such as numbats, Tasmanian tigers, emu wrens, lyrebirds and Cairns butterflies among others.

They also feature native flora such as adeniums and Swan River myrtles, and views of the Murray River. 

Most of the pieces are limited editions and rage from $395 to $2990 in price.

Mr Edwards will be giving a free talk on the intricate art of pottery at Drakesbrook Antiques and Collectables in Waroona, 11am to 4pm on August 13. 

Attendees will be able to meet Mr Edwards, hear about the design of the pieces, learn the unique process behind creating the items using raw clay and metallic oxides, observe Moorcroft creations from up close, and enjoy a home-cooked meal by shop owners Malar and Bill Fraser. 

During his visit to the Waroona-based retailer, Mr Edwards will also release more limited edition Australian pieces from the Icons of Australia collection.

Mr Edwards said out of all the Moorcroft sellers worldwide, Drakesbrook held a special place in their hearts, being the biggest single Moorcroft retailer in the world.

The store currently stocks more than 300 Moorcroft pieces, including unique items dating back more than 100 years and original designer watercolours matching vases on display.

“People in Waroona are very very lucky to have Drakesbrook,” he said.

People interested in attending the event are required to RSVP before August 7 by calling Drakesbrook Antiques and Collectables on 08 9733 1240.

For more information about Drakesbrook Antiques and Collectables go to their website