31-year-old Mandurah man cops several assault, theft charges following a series of incidents in Byford

A 31-year-old man from Mandurah has been charged with several serious theft, assault and burglary offences following a series of incidents in the early hours of Friday morning.

It is alleged that around 3.30am, the 31-year-old man was travelling in a Ford Territory driven by another man from Greenfields.

During the journey, the 31-year-old man threatened the driver with a knife.

The driver was able to stop the car in Serpentine about an hour later, leaving the car and attempting to flag down a passing Nissan Navara driven by a 40-year-old woman.

The woman drove off before the 31-year-old man followed her in the Ford Territory, and rammed the woman’s vehicle a number of times, causing it to roll.

He then drove off and was involved in ramming another vehicle and chasing a third car, a Hyundai.

The driver of the Hyundai was able to take refuge after driving to a nearby service station, where the 31-year-old man abandoned the Ford Territory and drove off in the Hyundai to the Byford area.

In Byford he rammed and damaged a gate before driving further and ramming a vehicle parked in a driveway and a house.

He then broke into a house and stole several items before fleeing on foot and damaging the doors and windows of two nearby properties. 

Afterwards, he broke into another house where the resident tried to get him to leave. 

He assaulted the resident before fleeing into the loft space of the house.

Police entered the loft area to arrest him, however while restraining him, an officer and the offender fell through the loft floor into the room below.

He was arrested shortly after outside the home.

During the incident, he allegedly assaulted a police officer on two occasions.

He was conveyed to Armadale Police Station, where allegedly he he behaved aggressively and in a disorderly manner. 

The man has been charged with:

  • Deprivation of liberty 
  • Armed in a manner likely to cause fear 
  • Five counts of criminal damage 
  • Failing to stop and render assistance after an accident 
  • Stealing 
  • Two counts of acts with inintent to endanger life/safety 
  • Stealing a motor vehicle and driving recklessly 
  • Three counts of aggravated burglary and committing acts likely to endanger life/safety 
  • Common assault 
  • Two counts of assaulting a public officer 
  • Disorderly behaviour in police facility