City of Mandurah plans to build a new community centre in Dawesville

Dawesville residents could be getting a brand new $4.5 million multipurpose community centre in the area in two to four year’s time to replace the existing Southern Estuary Hall.

The centre is one of the City’s top priority projects, and is scheduled to be delivered by 2019-2022.

The proposed Dawesville community centre would address the existing need for more affordable space for community meetings, activities, programs and human services in Mandurah’s southern suburbs.

With Dawesville’s residents forecasted to grow from 7,500 to 15,000 by 2036, the centre would also cater for the area’s fast-growing population. 

“The district has a critical lack of affordable space for community meetings, activities, programs and human services,” the City of Mandurah wrote in a report.

“The [Dawesville community centre] will ensure a minimum standard of social infrastructure provision for the next 30-40 years.”

The only community centre currently availabe in the area is the Southern Estuary Hall, currently used by the TS Mandurah Navel Cadets.  

The space has a kitchen, a small tennis court, and toilets, and can accommodate up to 50 people sitting down. 

The new centre site would be 2000 square metres and could feature a youth-friendly outdoor space. 

The City of Mandurah allocated $35,000 within the 2017/18 draft budget for an architect to review the concept design, in a bid to reduce the capital and life cycle costs of the project.