Andrew and Jono take us on their House Rules tour | photos

The dust has settled and they’ve downed tools, but Mandurah’s House Rules stars Andrew and Jono have barely had time to relax since filming wrapped on the popular reno show.

Back to their day jobs – Andrew at the WA Football Commission, and Jono at Meadow Springs Primary School – the pair have been busy catching up with family and friends.

“We filmed for six months,” Andrew said. “So, it was pretty full-on.”

“We got to come back a bit, but not heaps.”

When the Mail visited the boys this week their home was abuzz with visitors.

Their freshly decked-out pad is a drawcard for friends, and the beer on tap in their speakeasy bar doesn’t hurt, either.

It’s not just their mates that are popping over, though, with Jono saying he’d been surprised by a few random knocks at the door from fans wanting a peek into the boys’ home.

Andrew and Jono have even had fan mail delivered to “the House Rules house, Mandurah”.

It’s fair to say our local lads were pretty popular during the course of the show.

But it wasn’t all smooth sailing.

“That first week – me and Jono were panicked,” Andrew said.

“I was worried then. Everyone seemed to be doing better.

“After that we just planned everything, and we definitely got better as we went along.”

The twins did so well they even scored a perfect 10 from judge Wendy, but it wasn’t enough to get them through to the grand final.

“It was a hard time to go – just one step away from the grand final,” they said.

“We thought we’d done enough.”

Despite not walking away with $200,000, the boys said the experience was worth it.

They got a brand new interior and won the hearts of House Rules fans all over Australia.

“It was worth it,” Andrew said.

“It was a fun experience.

“That was the main reason I wanted to go on – the experience.”