Saltbush offers children a chance to explore traditional Indigenous culture

Filled with dance, music, songs and stories, Saltbush follows two friends on their journey through the Australian landscape; from river country to an urban landscape, through desert and through sea.

Children will find themselves immersed in a live, projected artwork that introduces them to the shared culture and language of Indigenous Australia and be enthralled by the landscape that unfolds around them.

Truly unforgettable and filled with opportunities to interact with the artists, this boutique, internationally-acclaimed show is a must-see event for ages four and over.

Saltbush is an exquisite interactive journey through the culture and landscape of Aboriginal Australia, celebrated through live dance, music, song and stories.

An ensemble of Aboriginal artists have collaborated with Insite Arts and the internationally-acclaimed Italian company Compagnia TPO to create this highly acclaimed work.

Saltbush centres on the journey of two friends from different Aboriginal backgrounds as they cross Australia on foot.

Their journey sees them travel across diverse Australian landscapes  – river country, urban landscapes, the desert and the sea, all the while discovering the land and better understanding and acknowledging our own challenges and personal journey.

Children are invited to explore, play and dance with the performers as the landscape unfolds around them, providing a unique and immersive experience where the audience becomes part of this visually beautiful journey.

The production runs at Mandurah Performing Arts Centre through Friday July 21 at 10am, 12.30pm and 6.30pm and Saturday July 22 at 2pm and 6.30pm.

For tickets and more information call the Box Office 9550 3900 or visit the website