Coco Drive hoons at bay: City to install new speed measures

In a bid to address Coco C’Bay residents’ hoon concerns, the City of Mandurah decided to install new speed deterrent measures along Coco Drive during a council meeting on Tuesday night, despite reports showing acceptable speed and traffic volumes.

The measures will include the installation of new 50km/h signs and the construction of a plateau crossing point on the north side of Coco Drive.

However, despite resident suggestions to transform Coco Drive in a cul-de-sac, the city will continue its support of the Bluerise Cove and Coco Drive road link, which links the estate to nearby Pleasant Grove.

The review considered the recommendations of the Estuary Bridge to Dawesville Bridge Road and Land-use Study, traffic volumes and speed through Coco C’Bay, and pedestrian and cyclist routes.

Coco C’Bay residents first expressed their concerns about people speeding down the area to former police minister Liza Harvey last August.

The residents, who are mostly retirees, had been concerned about dangerous drivers in the area since at least 2015.

During the meeting with former minister Liza Harvey in August, member for Dawesville Zac Kirkup said residents were not only concerned about the speed of cars tearing down the street but also how many there were.

“These are retirees and they're worried about frequency as well as speed,” he said.

“One of the people I met with is partially blind, so if she wants to cross the road she has to be very careful; if someone tears down there at 100km/h then they might not be in a position to take evasive action.”

As part of the City’s decision, council officers will monitor the road for another six months to ensure they new measures are effective.