Halls Head Primary students leave the books to join the circus

Clowning around has become a serious matter for Halls Head Primary School Year 6 students, with circus training becoming part of their school curriculum.

As part of their performing arts class, the students will spend five weeks learning circus skills at school from professional circus company Pulse Circus, in an attempt to boost their confidence, teamwork and safety skills.

Performing arts teacher Sian Dhu said the program was not only immensely popular with the students, but it was also extremely beneficial.

“Pulse Circus is not only a tonne of fun, but is also a brilliant way to teach students about the art of taking healthy risks,” she said.

"Students are building confidence, teamwork and safety skills - as well as learning some pretty awesome tricks.”

Pulse Circus director Tracy Harrington said taking risks was part of life, and the circus program was a great opportunity to explore risk taking in a healthy way.

“Taking risks is something most young people are compelled to do, the Pulse Circus program encourages them to explore this in a safe, controlled and healthy way,” she said.

“Very quickly they learn to look out for each other and make safe choices.”