Lakelands students get green with new garden and playground

Lakelands Primary School’s Early Childhood Education Department has seen a total transformation of their playground and garden area, thanks to the rapid work of Coles Lakelands staff and the Lakelands Parents and Children’s Association.

The entire project was done in about 14 hours, thanks to the manpower put in by the P and C and Coles staff.

“It’s actually incredible how quickly it all turned out,” Lakelands P and C president Meghan Turner said.

“We had to clear it out first, but then it was all done in two days. It really shows how willing everyone was to get in and help out.”

Lakelands Primary School principal James Peletier said the garden and playground were great examples of how the community can come together for a shared cause.

“We try to connect with local businesses and community groups to get things like this going,” he said.

“[The school is] part of the community and these family’s lives, and so it’s great when things like this come together.”