Owners of failed Mandurah tattoo studio ‘fear for their safety’

A Mandurah tattoo studio which closed down last week has hit back at angry customers, saying they had spread lies, made threats and destroyed property causing the owners to “fear for their safety”.

A spokesperson from Cravin’ Ink Tattoo Studio also denied there had been a refusal to refund deposits.

In a message received on the Mandurah Mail’s Facebook page the spokesperson also claimed the tattoo artists who worked at the studio did not care about their clientele.

“Artists were fully aware of the financial strain the business has been under for over six months, and in the economic times we are in, it simply became unviable to continue operating,” the message read.

“People have been spreading lies, making threats and even destroying property of the business since closing, the partner of an artist has even recommended the public go to the owners family home to obtain a refund of deposit.”

The message said the studio had asked customers to contact artists directly about their bookings because “management is unaware if they have secured employment elsewhere”.

“Sadly it seems so far the artists have not shown care for their clientele,” the message read.

“This was a family business; the people involved love and respect the art and the industry.

“This has been far more devastating to them than it is for the clients and it would be appreciated if the public would respect that.”

Customers were urged to email proof of purchase and contact details to cravininktattoostudio@gmail.com to apply for a refund, but the message stopped short of promising to return deposits.

Customers reacted angrily to a post announcing the closure of the tattoo studio in comments that are now deleted. Photo: Facebook.

Customers reacted angrily to a post announcing the closure of the tattoo studio in comments that are now deleted. Photo: Facebook.

Cravin’ Ink Tattoo Studio posted a message on its now-deleted Facebook page on Thursday announcing its closure and telling customers to contact individual tattoo artists directly about their appointments.

Clients of the business reacted angrily with some complaining they had lost deposits.

Studio customer Ben Chiera said the $50 deposit he put down didn’t seem a lot, but he only worked part-time and he wondered how many other people were affected.

“I work casually, so I’m not making a lot of money, but it’s a lot for someone like me,” he said.

“I’ve got so many friends that go there and I know they’re good, it’s just unfortunate I happened to book it when this happened.

“I was booked in to go Wednesday, and when I went there I had it booked in for 10 and I hung around until 10.30 and I spoke to the owner who said they closed down four days ago.

“She said text me your name and how much your deposit is and I’ll get in contact with you and I’ve sent four messages and she’s ignored me.”

One woman wrote on Facebook she had paid $100 for an appointment that didn’t happen.

The partner of one of the tattoo artists who worked at the studio wrote on the post: “It’s nothing to do with the artists, they only work there”.

“So go hit up [the owner] for your money and an explanation because she hasn’t told the artists what’s going on.”

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