26-year-old Mandurah man and 18-year-old woman die in South Australia crash

A 26-year-old man from Mandurah and 18-year-old woman have died following a horrific crash in South Australia’s mid-north.

It is believed Mandurah man Josh Graham was driving the Nissan four-wheel-drive in which they were travelling when it rolled on Augusta Highway between Snowtown and Redhill just after 12.30am on Thursday.

Mr Graham died during the accident along with passenger former Australind student Tammy Marchant. 

Two other occupants, Aaron Bishop and Jarrad James Famlonga, were transported to Royal Adelaide Hospital but are believed to suffer from non-life-threatening injures.

The group of friends were on holiday together in South Australia. 

Mr Bishop wrote on social media describing the accident, and how he had helped Mr Famlonga escape the car wreck. 

“Last night we were driving to Adelaide where I woke up from the back seat to see the car heading for the trees in the middle of the freeway,” he wrote.

“I blacked out and when it all stopped, I just screamed. I kicked the window through with my feet, not hearing any of the other three.

“Tammy and Fatboy [Mr Graham] had died on impact, Jarrad managed to wake up and I helped him out. We were both air lifted to Adelaide Hospital. I’m fine, just very sore, hurt and tired, a few stitches in my eye.

“Words cannot explain how much physical and emotional pain I am in right now.

“My heart is so broken and I don’t know how to deal with this right now.

“The feeling knowing your best friends have died right next to you and you couldn’t do anything to help or stop it happening.

“I feel so weak and empty.”

The community held a special memorial for the victims at the Mandurah skate park on Thursday night.

Report together with the Northern Argus