Junior council to slime up Mandurah for homelessness support

Mandurah’s junior council is set to slime up this year’s Children’s Festival to raise awareness about youth homelessness in the region.

At the festival, representatives from the junior council will give attendees the opportunity to learn how to make their own slime for a gold coin donation, with all proceeds going to a charity dealing with homelessness in the Peel region.

The project would also involve coordinating activities for children and families to increase the conversation around youth homelessness. 

The initiative is part of their council project, which gives junior councillors the chance to focus on addressing an ongoing issue in the community with the support of the City of Mandurah.

After brainstorming potential projects focusing on issues such as bullying, the environment, graffiti, littering and mental health, the junior council voted in favour of working towards increasing homelessness awareness.

The project will receive $500 in funding from the City.

Mandurah’s junior council was created in 2002 to give young people a voice in Mandurah.

The council includes representatives from 19 different primary schools in the area, who learn about local government and act as a youth consultation group on issues involving Mandurah’s youth.

This year’s junior mayor is 11-year-old St Damien’s Catholic School student Jordan Greaves and the junior deputy mayor is 11-year-old Mandurah Primary School student Nehan Khan.