Mary Street roundabout up for an upgrade

The Mary Street roundabout in Halls Head is set to get a fourth leg through the former war memorial site once the old bridge replacement works are completed later this year.

The $150,000 project hopes to address access issues to the existing carpark on the southern side of Pinjarra Road, and east of the new bridge.

The new traffic bridge has been built on an alternative alignment and has been raised in height.

As a consequence of the new road construction associated with the bridge works access to the carpark is restricted.

By adding another leg to the roundabout through the old war memorial site, which will require the removal of several small trees, drivers will be able to access the carpark. 

“The proposal access creates a road link form the southern carpark to join the Mary Street roundabout as a fourth leg to the roundabout,” a report from the City of Mandurah read.

“The road design essentially can be fitted between the existing trees.

”The existing carpark has 83 parking spaces and if the proposed alternative road access is enclosed, then there is an opportunity to increase the number of bays up to approximately 100 without adversely affecting the reserve area.”

Funding has been included in the 2017/18 budget.