Mandurah rates increase on cards

Mandurah residents are facing the prospect of a 1.9 per cent increase in council rates and a 3 per cent increase in waste management fees from the next financial year as part of the City of Mandurah’s 2017/18 budget.

The City is calling on community members to share their thoughts about the issue as part of the rates advertising period, before council votes on the final rates increase and budget. 

Once the public consultation period is over in July, the comments will be included in a report presented to council for consideration.

City of Mandurah chief Mark Newman said the proposed rates increase hoped to achieve the best outcomes for both the City and the community, and to fulfill the City’s responsibility of delivering new services and infrastructure as the local population continued to swell. 

“It’s paramount that our budget reflects value for money while still providing quality projects to our community in areas including recreation, roads and waterways,” Mr Newman said.

At the council meeting on Tuesday night, east ward councillor Shane Jones spoke about the lowest rates increase the City had seen in the last ten years.

Mr Newman said the City would be to continue to deliver existing services and new developments within a small rate increase due to their new waste management contract, which had generated significant savings.

The new contract has also allowed the City to return to a full user-pays model of charging for waste management instead of a cross subsidy system.

Before, residents were charged a waste management fee based only on the direct costs of collecting household waste, while other waste services were included in their rates.

In the new system, residents will pay for the service in full.

The rate public consultation period will start this week and will be open until July 7.

Submissions can be sent via the Have Your Say Mandurah website or can be sent in writing to the City of Mandurah.