Mandurah pensioners caught up in Easyjet terrorist threat drama

A Mandurah couple’s European holiday plans were thrown into turmoil this week when the plane they were flying on was diverted following terrorist concerns.

Brian and Daphne Jones from Halls Head were aboard an Easyjet flight from Slovenia to the United Kingdom when the pilot was made aware of a suspicious conversation overheard by other passengers.

The plane landed at Germany’s Cologne-Bonn airport, with all 151 passengers evacuated via emergency slides.

Three British men were taken in for questioning following the unscheduled landing, with a backpack belonging to them blown up by police.

Mr Jones said he and his wife spent 12 hours at Cologne following the drama.

They then flew on to the UK after two hours of sleep.

“It was a bit scary,” he said. “Especially when eight fully armed police marched on.”

Mr and Mrs Jones became concerned when told they had to leave the plane via the slide, as Mrs Jones has two replacement hips.

The couple evacuated without incident, although nine other passengers were treated for minor injuries after using the slides.

Mr Jones said he and his wife were treated “very well” by Easyjet staff, German police, and the fire department.

“It was a moment of fame for two pensioners,” Mr Jones said, after a photo of Mrs Jones leaving the plane made headlines around the world.

An Easyjet spokeswoman thanked passengers for their understanding and said their safety and the safety of the crew were the airline’s highest priority.

The local couple are continuing their holiday in the UK.