World champion showing kids the ropes at Mandurah MMA gym

Pupils at Mandurah’s Next Generation Mixed Martial Arts gym are soaking up lessons from elite fighters around the globe including Cage Warriors lightweight world champion Chris Fishgold.

A member of Liverpool’s Next Generation gym, Fishgold flew in to Perth this month to help out good friend and Mandurah head coach Marcus McKeever and offer some world-class mentoring to students.

“Marcus asked me to come and help out while he’s injured. I’ve been to the gym before and loved it so I was on a plane as soon as possible,” the current world champion said.

“I’ve been teaching people techniques but really I’ve just loved the atmosphere here. Everyone is happy to train and there’s always so much energy when you walk into the gym.

“I even brought the championship belt down a couple times and the kids really love it.”

Fishgold is passing on his experiences as a champion to both youngsters and adults during his time in Mandurah, and will also lend his hand to a youth program Next Generation will be running for “at-risk teens” in Pinjarra over the next school term.

Chris Fishgold showing gym members some techniques. Photo: Supplied.

Chris Fishgold showing gym members some techniques. Photo: Supplied.

The Englishman, who boasts 17 wins, one draw and one loss from his 19 fights, said it was vital to offer opportunities to young people.

“It’s really important we get out there and spread the word. It’s not just about the sport, it’s about learning discipline, learning to defend yourself and learning the importance of being fit and healthy,” he said.

“The benefits both physically and mentally are huge. We have parents come to us after a session that say ‘wow, I’ve never seen my kid that happy’.”

The gym will also be running a free women’s self-defence seminar on Saturday, June 24.

Fishgold touched down in Mandurah with plans of pitching in at the gym for four weeks, but quickly decided to extend his stay after a few sessions.

“I’d like to stay the three months of my visa and then come back for an even longer period of time after that,” he said.

“I just love the way the gym operates. Plenty of gyms do things backwards but people here are really learning all the right things.”

Next Generation is currently offering new members a free one-week trial.

For more information or to join the gym call Marcus McKeever on 0498 849 284 or visit 4 Panton Road, Mandurah.