Mandurah Marina set to get parking relief

Finding a parking spot at the Marina on a Friday and Saturday night can be a challenge, but the City of Mandurah hopes to address the situation through a series of new infrastructure upgrades.

The upgrades answer to the concerns raised by the Mandurah Ocean Marina Community Working Group (MOMCWG), a team of nine residents and business owners crated in 2016 to address the challenges faced by the community in the area.

One of the measures will be the installation of lighting at the Mandurah Seniors and Community Centre, as a potential solution to parking shortage at the Marina itself.

The City of Mandurah officers noticed that visitors taking to the Marina only parked at the Seniors and Community Centre carpark as a last resort due to the lack of lighting.

“Its subsequent limited use at night as opposed to its use during the day suggested that people may have been concerned for their safety,” a report by the City read.

By installing better lighting, upgrading the pedestrian crossing on Ormsby Terrace and improving the path from Ormsby Terrace to Keith Holmes Reserve, the City hopes to make at least 46 new parking bays available.

To guide visitors in finding a parking spot during peak time on the weekend, the City resolved to place electronic signs on both Ormsby Terrace and Dolphin Drive, which will point out other available carparks.

They will also relocate the Palladio disabled car parking bays closer to the ramp, and will negotiate with Del Mar apartments to use part of their garden beds to create four new parking bays.

In order to avoid visitors parking in between trees in Marco Polo Drive, the City will consider the installation of bollards between the trees and the widening of the garden beds.

They are also considering extending security and traffic enforcement patrols in the area, currently in a 12-week trial, over the next peak summer period.

The City said all infrastructure upgrades will be included into future budgets to ensure the works are completed by June 30, 2019.

In addition to short-term carpark measures, the MOMCWG also pushed to change the Mandurah Ocean Marina Outline and Development Plan (ODP) to restrict land use in the area.

The modifications include changing the tavern land use to not permitted, and increasing parking requirements for developers.

The changes to the ODP will be advertised for residents to have a say at the City of Mandurah’s Have Your Say website.