Peel Zoo’s new fur babies need a name

These two new adorable dingo puppies will be joining Peel Zoo from Sydney in just over two weeks and they will need a name.

Peel Zoo is giving residents and visitors the opportunity to be part in helping these two bundles of fluff feel like home through a naming competition.

The wildlife centre shared the news on a Facebook post on Thursday morning and said details about the competition would be posted on social media soon.

The two new puppies will be joining the centre’s dingo Cleo, who has been on her own since dingo Shiloh lost the battle to cancer in March. 

Siblings Cleo and Shiloh were the zoo’s first dingoes and spent their entire lives together.

“Shiloh was the star of our dingo shows, and was loved be many,” the centre said.

“Unfortunately toward the end of last year, he began getting unwell, and after a lengthy battle with cancer, our male dingo Shiloh passed away.”

The Zoo now intends to introduce the puppies to Cleo during breeding season, which is between March and June every year, to allow her to act like a foster mothers.

“Dingoes can live in packs of substantial size, having three dingoes encourages the natural behaviour,” the centre said.

“We are so excited to have the new male and female dingo puppies for Cleo, these new puppies will become a beacon of hope for her.”

The puppies will arrive to the centre on May 30.

“We love getting the public involved with these amazing animals, this is why we are encouraging them to suggest names for the puppies,” the centre said.

“Each winner will receive a dingo puppy adoption, which includes a dingo encounter, as well as a peel zoo family pass, a mini group pass to SciTech, a dingo plush toy, two koala encounters and two passes to Cockburn ice arena.”