Firies tackle another Greenfields fire

Mandurah firefighters have battled another small spot fire in Greenfields, the latest in several fires to occur in the area in recent weeks.

The fire, which according to the brigade covered an area of 10sqm, was reported at about midday.

Mandurah Fire and Rescue Service responded to the fire at about 12.30pm.

A member of the fire brigade said they had frequently attended the area, with multiple reports of suspicious fires in the last two weeks.

“We’ve basically been out here every other day, dealing with the same types of fires,” the spokesman said.

“Because it’s in the bush, there’s not a lot we can do because unless you actually see someone throwing a match on the ground, there’s no idea of what’s exactly behind it.”

Residents said the recently-launched Greenfields Neighbourhood Watch was put in place to prevent suspicious activity.

“It’s something we’ll be keeping an eye out for,” one resident said.