Community comes together to assist shark attack victim Laeticia Brouwer’s family

In the wake of the fatal shark attack in Esperance on Monday which claimed the life of 17-year-old Singleton resident Laeticia Brouwer, the Mandurah community has come together to raise funds for the family’s expenses.

The teenager was mauled by a shark off Kelp Beds, 3km east of Wylie Bay in Esperance, while she was surfing with her father on Monday afternoon.

She was believed to have been unconscious when she was pulled from the water around 4pm, with seriously injuries to one of her legs, leading to massive blood loss.

Her mother and two sisters were reportedly watching on from the beach as she was attacked by the shark.

Singleton resident Hayley Summers set up a crowdfunding page on Wednesday, which raised more than $1,800 through community donations within a matter of hours.

“While holidaying in Esperance with her family on Easter Monday 2017, Laeticia Brouwer was tragically killed in a shark attack at Kelp Beds,” Ms Summers wrote in the page.

“She was only 17 years old and died doing something she was passionate about - surfing. 

“Our community is incredibly saddened to have this happen to one of their locals and to someone so young. 

“Most of us don't know the family personally, but as a tight knit community we want to rally together and provide support for the Brouwer family. 

I hope we can all help to lighten their load by raising money to help one of our local families at such a stressful time.”

To donate to the cause go to