Lifelong love affair with Thai cuisine

A passion for Thai

A passion for Thai


Love affairs come and go, but there is one love affair that has kept going for more than 25 years.

As a young man aged 19, Ken went doorknocking for a part-time job to support his first year at university. At the same time, a fancy new Thai restaurant was opening in Wellington, New Zealand, and the owner wanted a young Kiwi to run the takeaway outlet.

To save money, Ken decided to live upstairs above the restaurant with all the Thai staff.

It was the closest thing to being immersed in Thailand and Thai culture that one could experience outside of Thailand.

Every night Ken was surrounded by unfamiliar sounds and chatter that made absolutely no sense. Instead of ignoring the noise and trying to study his computer science, Ken sought to listen and decipher every sound during the after-work meals and banter.

Eventually he picked up a word here, and a phrase there, and within six months he had mastered all of the rudest words the kitchen staff could trick him into learning!

Eventually Ken finished his computer science degree and then he went to live in Thailand where he became a successful TV presenter and actor.

When the SARS virus and September 11 World Trade Centre happened, the failing Asian economies led to a mass exodus of expats, and Ken went back to New Zealand to start Silk, a small but very successful Thai restaurant with Aranya, his other love affair of 20 years. He never really did use his computer science degree.

Together Ken and Aranya built the brand to what it is today, and they made Mandurah their new home because it was the most beautiful city half way between their respective homes of New Zealand and Thailand.

They welcome you into their new home, Silk, at 52 Mandurah Terrace where they will be the best hosts they can be, and hope you can share their love of Thai cuisine and culture too.

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