A dad’s journey for daughter’s legacy and asthma awareness

On May 1, Keith Munday will set off on a 288km fundraising challenge to raise funds for research into, and awareness of, asthma, the disease which last year claimed the life of his 20-year-old daughter, Fallon.

Mr Munday will end the first leg on the Monday in North Dandalup, before heading to Pinjarra on May 2, Waroona on May 3 and Harvey on May 4.  

He encourages any member of the public to come down and show their support at the Stud Country Tavern at 4.30pm.

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing, about 400 Australians die every year from asthma, with over 50 per cent of those deaths being preventable. Across Western

Australia it is also recorded that one in nine have the disease. This causes over 69,000 visits to hospital emergency departments and over 37,000 annual hospitalisation cases.

In 2015, Fallon fell victim to asthma when she passed away in their Byford family home.

With an aim of not only topping his previous fundraising amount of over $9,000, Mr Munday hopes to increase the awareness of asthma and its symptoms, as well as the risks of poor management and environmental factors.

“Fallon only suffered mild asthma which was only diagnosed in her early teens,” he said. 

While the initial diagnosis was not too surprising, with many of the same age suffering from the illness, tragedy eventually struck.

Fallon passed away just days before her twenty-first birthday.

“We had no idea of the repercussions of asthma. We just assumed one puff every now and then and you’d be on your way,” Mr Munday said.

“We never realised how important it is to use your preventative, until now.”

Asthma WA stands as Western Australia’s community leader in asthma advice, support, and research to help West Australians breathe easier.

Fore more information on the Augusta Asthma Adventure and Keith Munday’s journey, as well as to support his cause, go to the Augusta Asthma Adventure Facebook page or GoFundMe page.

Go to the Asthma Foundation’s website for more information and assistance.